Terms and conditions of use of the StreamSport365 platform

These "Terms and conditions of use of the StreamSport365 platform" constitute an offer of "Caste" LLC to conclude an agreement with the Visitor and the User on the conditions set forth below.

By accepting these Terms, the Visitor and the User thereby express full and unconditional consent to all of its terms.

The Visitor and the User, by accepting these Terms, confirm their full legal capacity.

1. The StreamSport365 platform (hereinafter referred to as the Platform) is a website with a domain name - (the owner is Caste LLC), a system of electronic documents, program code, plugins, content and services, technologies, etc., that allow Visitors and Users to view and post broadcasts of sports events, as well as provide us with data.

1.1. The platform undertakes to provide access to the Visitor and the User free of charge. The Visitor and the User independently at their own expense pay for access to the Internet. The Visitor and the User, independently and at their own expense, using their own technical means, provide access to the Platform, as well as to view or post the broadcasts.

1.2. The Platform is not responsible for and shall not reimburse any losses occurred to the Visitor or User if they do not have the technical ability to gain access to the Platform.

1.3. The Platform shall enable the Visitor and the User to use the Platform around the clock (24/7), except for the service maintenance period as well as other circumstances that prevent the Visitor and the User from accessing the Platform.

2. To use the Platform, you shall agree to these Terms of Use for the StreamSport365 Platform (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) and all other applicable terms and regulations.

3. These Terms shall come into effect from the moment you start using the Platform and will remain in effect as long as you use the Platform or access the Platform. Your acceptance of the Terms or your use of the Platform, as well as access to the Platform as a legal entity, constitutes your guarantee that you have the authority of such a legal entity, including the authority to sign contracts and assume obligations under these Terms, as well as other applicable terms and conditions.

4. Failure to comply with these Terms or any other applicable conditions and / or regulations means that the Platform has the right to restrict your access to the Platform partially or completely.

5. You are not entitled to use our Platform if:

- your age is less than the age from which the legislation of your country permits the use of the Platform (its content, etc.);

- your actions are found by the Platform to be illegal, fraudulent, or misleading;

- your actions violate the rights of others, including their intellectual property rights;

- you download viruses, malicious code, or perform actions that can damage the Platform, disrupt its activities or information safety, etc.;

- you (without prior permission from the Platform) wish to view and / or post using automated means;

- the platform has restricted your access in part or in full.

6. The specified in clause 1.5 wording does not mean the Platform's obligations to provide you with evidence of the illegality of your actions, the fact that you have violated the rights of others, as well as your actions that can damage the Platform.

7. By using the Platform, you agree to possible display for you or placement of our advertisements in your broadcast.

8. By posting your broadcasts on the Platform, you acknowledge that you own the intellectual property rights.

8.1. The posted broadcasts shall not contain state, military, official or commercial secrets, slander, insults, other information that infringes on the rights of third parties, including any information of extremist content.

8.2. By posting the broadcast, the User confirms that he has obtained the necessary consent of the subjects of personal data (athletes, other persons in the posted broadcasts) for the disclosure of their personal data, as well as for their storage, systematization, accumulation, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, depersonalization, transfer (distribution, provision, access), blocking, deletion, destruction and processing by the employees of the Platform, as well as to persons to whom the Platform has assigned the right.

9. The platform has the right to use the broadcasts posted by the User at its discretion, and in any form and in any way that does not contradict the law. This includes, among other things, the following property rights:

a) to distribute the broadcasts from;

b) to the public display of the broadcasts on;

c) to download or transmit online (or offline) the broadcasts in order to be distributed to the site (s) of the company (s) with which the Platform has an agreement (s);

d) storage, including public display of the broadcasts offline on the website;

e) to use the broadcast by the Platform, with the right to prohibit or allow third parties to use them.

10. The proprietary rights to use the broadcasts and specified in these Terms, as well as other applicable terms and regulations, shall be transferred by the User to the Platform for use on the Internet. The territory within which the Platform may use the broadcasting rights is not limited.

10.1. Such a proprietary right to use the broadcasts shall be transferred by the User to the Platform for an unlimited period of time.

11. The platform at any time may stop showing the broadcast you have posted if such broadcasting violates these Terms and our other terms and regulations.

12. You are responsible for ensuring that your broadcast complies with these Terms, our other terms and regulations, all applicable laws, and any existing contract or agreement between the Platform and you.

13. It is allowed to post only live broadcasts of events on the Platform.

14. It is prohibited to post broadcasts on the Platform that simulate real-time or sports competition, as well as violate the unpredictability of the event.

15. Any broadcast posted by the User is not paid by the Platform.

15.1. The platform has the right to assign, on contractual terms, partially or completely the rights acquired under this agreement to third parties without paying the User a fee.

16. The platform has the right to provide the broadcasts with the necessary illustrations, prefaces, afterwords, comments and / or explanations, as well as edit the broadcasts, in terms of retouching, adding text, combining the image into a collage and advertising compositions, make any changes and add optical effects, even if the latter lead to distortion of the image in whole or in any part of it.

17. Method of transmission (download or transmission) of video broadcast - video parameters not lower than Full HD 1920/1080 25fps with a bit rate of 2 to 6 Mbps, or lower as agreed with the Platform.

18. Method of transmission (download or transmission) of audio broadcast - audio parameters (if technically possible) AAC codec (MP2L2 transcoding from a camera) with a bit rate from 64 to 192 kbps, or lower as agreed with the Platform.

The User shall provide access to the website using the SportWorkbenchClient application, as well as the authentication data provided to him by the Platform in e-mail correspondence.

19. Description of the application operation, application settings, including those using different streaming protocols, are described in Russian on the Platform’s website page -

19.1. Authentication data shall be provided to the User as follows: login and password.

19.2. The User is fully responsible for keeping their authentication data confidential.

19.3. The User must not disclose their authentication data to third parties. Third parties are not a proper party to this Agreement, regardless of the reasons why the third party became aware of the User’s authentication data.

19.4. The User must not provide to, allow the third parties to use their authentication data, allowing them to perform any actions using them and / or the application. In the event that third parties use the User 's authentication data, any actions, including downloading and transferring the broadcasts, are not subject to payment, and the User shall reimburse the losses incurred by the Platform in connection with this.

19.5. The User shall notify the Platform by e-mail of the persons who have the right, as well as who have been deprived of the right to use the authentication data by the User.

20. When fulfilling the terms of this agreement, the parties undertake not to manipulate and not allow third parties to manipulate the results or the course of the competition (match) - deliberate agreements, actions or inaction aimed at improper changing the result or course of the competition (match) in order to completely or partially eliminate the inherent the specified competition (match) of unpredictability in order to provide an undue advantage for oneself or others.

21. Any definitions or terms with a capital letter that are not described in these Terms have the meanings defined in our other terms and regulations.

22. Any change/modifications/amendments made to these Terms as well as to our other terms shall be effective immediately.

23. Using the content and data of the Platform without the consent is not allowed.

24. When quoted from the Platform any content shall be linked.

25. All disputes under the Terms or in connection with them are subject to consideration in court at the location of the Platform in accordance with applicable procedural law.

26. These Terms may be changed, modified or cancelled by the Platform unilaterally without prior notice to the Visitor or User and without paying any compensation in this regard.